Tuesday, August 11, 2009

U-turns, ball pythons, coyotes, cajun spices and a partridge in a pear tree.

Has anyone ever had one of those days where there is just so little going on that you are virtuall bored to tears, you have no hope for the human race, and sleeping seems like a better alternative than actually living trough that waste of a day?

Imagine that day.

Now imagine the exact opposite. That was my day today.

It all started off relatively uneventful, aside from the fact that Danny started his first official day at his new job, his FIRST job out of college, which excited both he and I beyond any and all reasoning. I went for my daily swim, of course, because I can't actually get by without that and that was basially it until 7:00ish.

I went to Danny's house to chill and finish watching Burn After Reading, which was only a mediocre dark comedy about government agencies and how they're so uptight. I was amused for the most part, but some parts got a little bit stupid...like everyone sleeping with everyone else...kind of soap opera-ish.

Then we decided to let the dogs out...
I hear Danny yell and I go outside to see what the problem was. He then told me to call the older dog over and bring him in the house, and fast. He comes running in moments later with his mother's chiuahua. Only after we get everyone (safely) in the house does he tell me that he saw a coyote across the street (we've been overrun with them up in CT lately).

Then while we're watching the movie he decides he's going to finish the dinner his sister made, which was some variation of cajun chicken, or maybe jerk chicken I'm not quite sure (it was good anyway!) and wound up doing the ONE thing you don't do when you cook/eat things with pepper in them: he rubbed his eye. Swelling and tearing ensued. He ran outside to get his eyedrops out of the car and comes running back inside telling me to get dressed and ready to go and he tells me to be quick about it. Freaking out I run outside and sit in the car and he tells me to look on the dashboard...

CUPCAKE IS BACK! Our ball python that has been missing for ALMOST A MONTH was sitting right there over the steering wheel. We thought we lost her in transit about a month back, but my God there she was! Excited, and nervous we brought her to our friend Rob's house for an emergency feeding because she hasn't eaten in almost a month. She took to it very quickly, and is comfortably relaxing in her bowl of water in her lovely little tank. I'm so happy she's home!

Almost an hour after that we're back home and lazing around in bed getting ready to sleep and I hear a loud thud either upstairs or outside. Danny's sister comes into the bedroom and tells us that someone crashed their car outside, so we quickly went to investigate. We were both rather disturbed to find oil leaking on the road, the curb in front of his neighbor across the street destroyed, and the best part, her grass all torn up. We sumised that apparently someone decided they were going the wrong way and U-turned through this poor woman's front lawn, ripping up the grass, almost hitting a tree, and then sped up the other direction on the street. Danny, like the good human being that he is ( I love it when he does things like this, honestly) goes up to the woman's house and alerts her to the situation. She was very greatful and was about to file a complaint with the police, however, the neighbor a few doors down from Danny's house had already done so, and was coming down the street to try and assess the damage for himself. I left around the time the police arrived.

Blogging is so much better when I have stories, Here I was thinking I was going to have to make another to-do list!


  1. that's awesome that you found cupcake!! man, I bet a snake can hide in all sorts of tricky places...

    - Julie

  2. Yeaaaaaah we're both still trying to figure out where she'd gotten to and HOW in God's name she's been surviving all that time.