Thursday, July 9, 2009

holy crap

True, I'm back. I haven't been here in a while, and that's moderately disturbing since I have been up to so much. A lot of my prior angst over certain familial drama has been quelled thanks largely in part to time and a lessened tolerance for bullshit, but I digress...

Summer has been amazing thus far, save for the insane amounts of rain we've been having, but I'm sort of yearning for some kind of summer adventure, I'd like to go kayaking or maybe climb Sleeping Giant soon. It's been rough though because Danny has been working ridiculous hours, and I've been left feeling a little lonely and neglected because of it. I mean he sleeps when we CAN hang out and when we can't I'm left feeling lonely and neglected kind of. I'm not unsympathetic to what he's doing, it just would be nice every now and then to feel a little more...appreciated (doesn't seem like the right word, but we'll go with that) for all of the crap I put up with. I love that boy so much...

Also,I have been knitting! Which is good, and I feel bad about it because I never take any pictures of my finished projects, which sucks. I'm making an attempt to teach more people and might try to start a stitch and bitch at school this year, or a knitting club, or some such thing, I hate the lack of knitting friends I have.

Additionally, anyone who IS on ravelry and looks at this feel FREE to message me and ask for my screen name or leave comments here because the lack of knitting fellowship that I have is making me upset.


  1. hey girly! i read every time you post but i don't think i've commented yet! glad to hear things are good... i'm in the same boat with you on the FO-photographing thing. I have a stack of five things to take pictures of! ugh it gets overwhelming though, especially in the summer...


  2. As for a lack of IRL knitting friends--I feel your pain, girl. I feel so isolated in a world of craft where people are so linked together! It seems like there's no place for 20-something knitters. Or maybe I'm just too shy...I don't know. Hopefully you find some people soon, though--have you asked your LYS about a knitting group?