Friday, July 10, 2009

stressful week

Hell week, a term usually applied to midterm weeks or finals weeks, is DEFINITELY a term I would use to describe this week.

I've been so sick recently it's been making me frustrated, because I can't go out and be with the people that matter most to me, specifically Danny, because I'm just too damned tired all the time! On top of being sick, I have this stress that I've been dealing with, and it's not what I've dealt with before so I'm not quite sure how to approach it...

Danny interviewed for a pretty, shall we say "prestigious" job position about a week ago, and we're waiting to hear back from them, however they haven't gotten back to us, and we've been doing nothing but taking our respective stress out on one another, causing us to ultimately end tonight in a pseudo fight, and him driving me back home telling me to get some rest.

ON TOP of all of that, he has a paper route that he's picking up this week for a friend, which is paying well, but he has to sleep during the day because the paper route runs from 12 at night to about 5 in the morning depending on how fast he gets it done, which just makes for more stress for the two of us. I'm in the process of trying to change gyms because I want to get back into swimming again (I just feel so much better when I've been in the water, and this new place has a pool), I have about four weeks until I have to go back to class, all in all I'm in pretty miserable shape right now and I just wanted to vent about it.

Being sick sucks.


  1. aw it'll all get better soon!!


  2. I hope so! This week has been terrible!