Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sleeping Giant

Yesterday Danny and I took a day trip up Mt.Carmel (aka Sleeping Giant).It was the first time I'd been up that mountain since I was two, and I'm 21 so that my friends was a little while ago!
We decided to stay off the main pathway because it's just so much better when you're dirty! The main objective was to find the castle on top, have a picnic someplace awesome and then come back down in enough time for us to grab dinner later on. We spent some time on the top of the castle because the view was amazing; you could see most of CT from there!

Part of the reason why I wanted to go so badly is because my favorite animals live up there on the cliffsides, so I was hoping I could see them in action...and I DID!

This was the best shot I could manage, because they were all so fast and my camera skills are crap, but there it is, a hawk in flight. There must have been seven or eight of them flying around overhead. They were amazing! I've never seen them that close wild.

The day just got better from there. After we decided we were going to settle down somewhere and eat the lunch I brought, we found this out of the way trail where it lead RIGHT to the cliff face! There was a natrual rock formation jutting out of the side and we HAD to take the opourtunity. It ws the most amazing view of the mountain ever! All you could see for miles was the lush green of the trees, the sky, and of course, more hawks (they live on the face of the mountain). We set up shop and, obviously, took in the view for a good solid hour, resting and sunbathing and enjoying ourselves.

It was definitely one of the best spent days I've had this summer. Eventually we'll hike it again in the fall so we can see all of those amazing trees in the beautiful colors of fall! Maybe I'll bring some knitting then, too, so when we're chillin on the precipice I can have something to do.

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